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F.A.C.T.S. The Top 5 Reasons to Choose Mispro for your Preclinical Rodent Studies

John Fogarty
February 20, 2024

F.A.C.T.S. The Top 5 Reasons to Choose Mispro for your Preclinical Rodent Studies

In the rapidly evolving landscape of biotechnology, the decision-making process for how – and where – to conduct preclinical research can be daunting. However, for companies seeking a strategic advantage, Mispro’s contract vivarium option emerges as a smart strategy for companies of all sizes and therapeutic indications.  

Mispro offers a comprehensive array of turnkey vivarium space plus vivarium services through a network of contract vivarium facilities, presenting a strategic option for companies looking to de-risk preclinical research by spending less on infrastructure while focusing resources, instead, on science.  

Let's delve into the top five reasons why opting for a Mispro contract vivarium could be the pivotal decision propelling your biotech forward.

1. Focus

Mispro enables companies to focus on science instead of infrastructure. What does that really mean? Well, for well-funded biotech’s considering internalizing their own vivarium facility, Mispro offers a more affordable and streamlined option. Spare yourself the significant expense, impact to timelines, and ongoing operational complexities of building and staffing your own animal facility. Take space in a Mispro facility instead and focus your resources on what really matters – your science.

For early-stage companies, where early discovery data is critical to advancing your research platform, the contract vivarium option enables you to focus precious funding dollars on building a great team that can execute your studies effectively in a Mispro facility, while Mispro handles everything else needed to support in vivo work, including husbandry, veterinary oversight, and regulatory compliance, including IACUC.

2. Acceleration

Companies can be up and running in a Mispro facility in four to six weeks, enabling you to work towards milestones rather than waiting for outsourced study results to be returned or waiting 12-16 months for your own facility to be built.

3. Control

Mispro enables companies to conduct and control their own studies in real-time, producing immediate results. And because founding scientists are overseeing the research, they can have confidence in those data sets, whether that means killing a study or moving the strongest candidate through to the next phase.

4. Trust

Trust is an important word for Mispro. Our clients are conducting critical, cutting-edge, potentially life-changing research in our facilities. They can trust that our research environments, animal care program, and our IACUC are all optimized to enable you to reach your research goals effectively and without interruption.

5. Scalability

Mispro can support biosciences companies of all sizes and therapeutic indications in our contract vivarium facilities, from startups conducting small proof of concept studies to clinical stage biotech’s that might require two or three private suites. As our clients’ programs evolve, we offer the flexibility to scale up, or down, based on results and funding.

About Mispro

Mispro is an AAALAC-accredited contract vivarium organization (CVO) offering a network of full-service vivarium lab facilities for preclinical in vivo studies. Along with access to state-of-the-art turnkey lab space, Mispro supports its clients with comprehensive laboratory animal research services, including husbandry, veterinary, technical, and regulatory compliance oversight. With locations in all major U.S. biotech hubs, Mispro is committed to helping biosciences companies of all sizes and therapeutic indications achieve their research goals.

John Fogarty