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Are you operating a vivarium but don't want to manage the day-to-day of animal husbandry, compliance oversight, and staffing? We can help.

How we support you

Mispro Insource vivarium management is a full-service on-site solution that staffs your rodent vivarium with certified animal care technicians and supports your laboratory animal science operation with the same oversight and compliance services we offer in our own vivarium facilities.

Our comprehensive vivarium insourcing solution includes:

  • On-site staffing in your facility
  • Veterinary oversight
  • Animal husbandry services
  • Colony management
  • Cage washing and sterilization
  • Waste management
  • Equipment and facility maintenance
  • IACUC oversight and protocol assistance
  • OLAW / PHS Assurance
  • USDA registration
  • State and local animal welfare regulatory licensure
  • AAALAC-accreditation

Always humane, always compassionate, always compliant. This is our promise.

Frequently asked questions
Is Mispro Insource a full-time employee (FTE) service?
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Mispro Insource is a full-service solution for operating client-owned vivarium facilities and includes all of the following: Staffing and staff management, animal husbandry and veterinary oversight, regulatory and compliance oversight, and AAALAC accreditation.

Does Insourcing include equipment?
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Clients provide their own core equipment in their vivarium facility. Mispro can provide disposable equipment such as disposable cages and water bottles. We can also help clients procure equipment to outfit a facility.

Do we still need a vivarium manager if we use Mispro’s Insource solution?
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Yes, most Insource clients have a vivarium manager who acts as a liaison with Mispro and who in most cases is also managing the clients’ laboratory animal science program. If you do not have a vivarium or laboratory animal science manager, Mispro can still operate and manage your vivarium facility.

Can Mispro help with vivarium design?
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Yes. Mispro offers expertise and consultation for vivarium design for rodent vivaria.

Does Mispro's Insourcing service cover organisms other than rodents?
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Mispro primarily supports rodent research facilities but please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Is AAALAC accreditation included with Insourcing?
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Yes, Mispro is an AAALAC-accredited organization and all of our managed facilities and services receive AAALAC accreditation.

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