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Welcome to the new preclinical landscape.

Located in the heart of Durham, North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park (RTP), Mispro offers a state-of-the-art vivarium research facility where biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes can conduct preclinical rodent studies with the support of Mispro’s husbandry, veterinary, and regulatory compliance services.

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Why Mispro

Space to fit your needs
  • Procedure rooms (private/shared)
  • Holding rooms (private/shared)
  • Necropsy and Quarantine rooms
  • In-room Class II biosafety cabinets (BSCs)
  • State-of-the-art IVC caging racks
  • AAALAC-accredited vivarium facilities
  • 24/7 year-round key-card access

Vivarium services for your research
  • Vivarium management
  • Veterinary care & animal husbandry
  • Staffing, maintenance & sanitization
  • In vivo technical services support & training
  • IACUC oversight and protocol assistance

Amenities and Technology
  • Fully-equipped conference room
  • Cyber Cafe kitchen and break area
  • Easy access from public transport, highways, or walking
  • Leading instrument and technology such as Transnetyx and Somark

Meet The Team

I enjoy working at RTP and Mispro because it allows me to help clients advance their research and provide excellent customer service. I find great satisfaction in supporting scientific progress and ensuring that clients have a positive experience. My role enables me to engage with clients professionally, understanding their needs and providing tailored solutions to help them succeed in their research endeavors.

Mark D. Snead
Site Supervisor

Expert animal care & compliance oversight

Mispro is an AAALAC-accredited organization committed to providing best-in-class laboratory animal services and regulatory compliance oversight for your preclinical research. To ensure safety and compliance at all times in our research facilities, we require that every study conducted in our vivarium facilities is approved by our in-house Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).  Mispro strictly follows regulatory guidelines for the ethical and humane treatment of research animals.

Advancing preclinical development in key life science hubs

Our state-of-the-art research environments focus on quality, compliance, and consistency, leading to more accurate data and faster results. Take the first step in de-risking your preclinical studies.

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