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Mispro's AAALAC-accredited vivarium facilities offer fully-equipped animal housing and procedure rooms where you can conduct preclinical in vivo rodent studies. We offer private and shared options for research space and also access to amenities for collaboration and downtime.

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  • AAALAC-accredited facilities & program
  • Procedure rooms (private/shared)
  • Holding rooms (private/shared)
  • Private suites (includes holding and procedure rooms)
  • Necropsy and quarantine rooms
  • In-room Class II biosafety cabinets (BSCs)
  • Individually ventilated (IVC) caging systems
  • Strict environmental control
  • Animal ID technology and genotyping services
  • Locker rooms and showers
  • Common space to meet and recharge
  • 24/7 year-round key-card access
Mispro provides best-in-class laboratory animal services and regulatory compliance oversight for your preclinical research. Our certified and trained staff works as extension of your team to ensure the health and stability of your research models.
  • Veterinary oversight
  • Daily animal health check
  • Animal husbandry services
  • Colony management
  • Cage washing and sterilization
  • Animal ordering and receiving
  • Waste management
  • IACUC oversight and protocol assistance
  • AAALAC-accreditation
  • OLAW / PHS Assurance
  • USDA registration
  • State and local animal welfare regulatory licensure
Mispro offers high-quality training and assistance for basic biomethodology, surgical procedure support, and breeding colony management. Our in vivo technical services include:

Basic biomethodology

  • Blood collection
  • Dosing (IP, PO, SQ, IV)
  • Cancer biology
  • Animal identification
  • Clinical observation & assessments


  • Colony Health Monitoring & adverse study event investigation
  • Terminal tissue collection
  • Tissue fixation

Pre-operative surgical support

  • Pre-operative preparation
  • Intra-operative monitoring
  • Post-operative care & monitoring

Breeding Colony Management

  • Strain lineage management
  • Phenotypic characterization
  • Pairing, weaning, collecting samples for genotyping

Mispro offers access to essential equipment to facilitate your studies. We partner with leading instrument and service providers to ensure you have access to the core tools that drive your research and streamline your workflows.
Transnetyx Genotyping

Drop your sample into the on-site TAGCenter kiosk and get your genotype results in just 72 hours. Learn more.

Somark Labstamp

The Labstamp® System provides unsurpassed consistency, readability and durability for visual mouse identification.


Using the world’s smallest and most affordable medical research Digitail™ Tag, Digital Mouse® will let you track any mouse, anywhere, in real-time.

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Expert animal care & compliance oversight

Mispro is an AAALAC-accredited organization committed to providing best-in-class laboratory animal services and regulatory compliance oversight for your preclinical research. To ensure safety and compliance at all times in our research facilities, we require that every study conducted in our vivarium facilities is approved by our in-house Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).  Mispro strictly follows regulatory guidelines for the ethical and humane treatment of research animals.

Frequently asked questions
What kind of studies can I conduct in Mispro facilities?

Researchers can conduct biosafety level (BSL) I and biosafety level (BSL) II rodent studies that have been approved by Mispro’s IACUC. Learn more about the types of studies being done at our facilities by visiting the Science at Our Facilities page.

Can I start with just a couple of vivarium cages?

Yes, we offer flexible options for access to housing and procedure space, enabling companies to start small and scale up and down as needed. Whether you need a few cages or an entire facility, we can provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Contact us to discuss your vivarium housing requirements and we'll work with you to design a solution that fits your budget and timeline.

Does Mispro offer private rooms?

Yes, we offer private, semi-private, and shared options for both procedure rooms and animal housing rooms. We also offer private suites which include both housing and procedure space(s).

How quickly can we launch a study?

For new clients, there are a few factors that affect start dates for studies, such as protocol approval and receipt of animals. Most clients begin their studies in less than a month from a signed contract.

Can I leave my stuff at the facility?

Yes. In private and semi-private rooms and suites your space is yours and accessible only by your company. Mispro staff access housing rooms to deliver animal care and enter procedure rooms for regular maintenance and upon request.

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Client success stories

“Our experience working with Mispro has been really great. Both the facility supervisor and the IACUC coordinator have been a great help to our team. From the set-up of our rooms to managing the daily needs for our animal studies, to helping with our animal protocols, their level of service is commendable.”

Nivetha Murugesan

Sr. Scientist

“Mispro gives us peace-of-mind knowing that our investment is in qualified hands. Their vivarium facilities, accredited program, and caring staff affords our team the time to focus on and achieve our very specific needs.”

Research Associate

Clinical Stage Gene Therapy Company

“The service and help I receive from Mispro’s team on a daily basis is outstanding. They are very efficient and promptly accommodate any request that we have, which has enabled Casebia to successfully complete our studies within tight deadlines. Mispro really does a great job!”

Mariacarmela Allocca

Sr. Scientist

"We have outsourced our in vivo proof-of-concept studies in the past and the data was variable and lacked critical observations. Bringing our work in house in Mispro’s expertly run research environment has allowed for better controls and cleaner results.”

Preclinical Translational Medicine Scientist

Platform Biotechnology Company

“Mispro has been a key partner in Kallyope’s success. Everything they offer from animal care services to IACUC has always been performed exceptionally and rapidly. Animal work is one of the cornerstones of our company and Mispro has been instrumental in helping facilitate success in our studies.”

Ben Van de Graaf

Operations Manager

“The convenience of working in Mispro’s vivarium has been instrumental to our preclinical program. From the close proximity of our lab to their state-of-the-art research facility, to their unmatched animal care and compliance services, Mispro has played a vital role in our success.”

Senior Associate Scientist

Clinical Stage Pharma Company

“Mispro’s facilities and services are a great resource for early-stage biotechs, offering them an affordable and reliable choice for in vivo studies that accelerates timelines and enables impactful science.”

Ed Field


“We chose Mispro instead of building our own facility. The result has been accelerated timelines, confidence in data, and a clear path to clinical. Being able to focus on our research instead of also running and staffing a vivarium facility was the right choice for our company.”

Sr. Research Technician

Clinical Stage Gene Therapy Company

“Mispro has carefully and expertly designed both its facility and supporting services to enable researchers to conduct studies with precision and confidence. We’ve doubled our in vivo capacity in less than a year as a result of our success in Mispro’s research environment.”

Shannon Shields

Group Leader, GenEdit