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Reaching life science researchers together

With a focus on offering world-class rodent vivarium research facilities and Insourcing services to major life sciences hubs across North America, Mispro is always open to opportunities for synergistic partnerships with complementary organizations that also serve the bioscience community.

Technology partnerships

At Mispro, our goal is to enable our clients’ research by providing space and services for their rodent studies. As part of this goal, we rely on technology partners such as Transnetyx and Somark, the makers of SensaLab, to ensure a streamlined and high-quality client experience. If you have a technology or service that will enhance our client’s experience, contact us to start the conversation on how we can work together.

Real estate partnerships

Including a contract vivarium in your biotech incubator or within a life sciences campus can be a compelling differentiator for your location. Mispro can partner with you to offer a vivarium as an amenity for your members and tenants. Along with our core contract vivarium model, we offer vivarium design consultation and also Mispro Insource, which is our staffing and compliance oversight model in your managed facility. Find out how Mispro can help your life science development stand out by contacting us today.

Venture capital partnerships

Streamline and de-risk the startup process for your client companies by partnering with Mispro for their animal study needs. By providing an affordable, flexible, and scalable alternative to the traditional CRO for your portfolio companies, we can simplify their operations while accelerating timelines.

Contact us to learn more about how we can work together to advance your investments.

Incubator partnerships

Attract more life science startups to your incubator when you partner with Mispro. We can reserve space in one of our facilities for the exclusive use of your resident companies or even develop and operate a vivarium on your site . Get in touch with us to find out how we can work together to provide a highly-productive environment for life science startups.

Together we can advance preclinical development

We're always looking for synergistic partnerships. Complete the form below to connect with Mispro about partnership opportunities.