How the Contract Vivarium Enabled an Emerging Biotech to Improve Results

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The Client

A pharmaceutical drug development company in the preclinical trial phase of developing novel therapies based on CRISPR gene editing technology.

Key Frustrations

Long wait times to begin studies

Long wait times to process results

High failure rates in preclinical trial results

Their in vivo strategy was failing

The Problem

The client outsourced in vivo rodent studies to a contract research organization (CRO), leading to unsatisfactory results. The contract research organization failed to meet their needs, resulting in poor outcomes including delays and high failure rates.

The high failure rates in the preclinical testing were attributed to user error at the CRO due to lack of experience in the biomethodology essential to the development of the clients’ novel therapies. The long delays and high failure rates resulted in excessive budget spend and missed target dates.

Building their own vivarium was cost-prohibitive and would set their schedule back at least a year. Outsourcing to another contract research organization and hoping for better results was risky.

The Solution: Own Your Science

With Mispro’s full-service contract vivarium, the client was able to conduct and control their own studies, while Mispro took care of the rest.

Mispro offers vivarium space and services which allows clients to conduct their own in vivo animal studies, giving them control of critical data collection in preclinical trials. Mispro manages the research environment, the care and handling of research animals, and the necessary regulatory compliance oversight. Studies conducted in Mispro's facilities benefit from Mispro's high-quality and ethical animal care and stable and efficient research environments.

As a result, the client was able to launch quickly and scale their preclinical animal studies at their own pace. The client hired a principal investigator (PI) experienced in the biomethodology needed to support their cutting edge studies and they were able to collect and validate critical data sets in a fraction of the time they had spent waiting for results from the CRO.

"Mispro’s facility, services and expertise has been a key factor in the success we’ve had with our in vivo program."

The Results

Regaining control over their science, the client achieved dramatically improved results in each phase of their program. The client was able to track significant improvements in conducting their studies in Mispro’s research environment versus outsourcing to a CRO.

The client’s teams were able to work faster and more efficiently in Mispro’s contract vivarium, accelerating their timelines at every stage of research and increasing the study volume 6x.

Mispro’s pricing structure and value benefits allowed the client to decrease overall costs by 50%, saving more of their budget for research.

Mispro’s full service vivarium support resulted in a 70% reduction in failure to replicate preclinical in vitro proof of concept (PoC) trials during the client’s preclinical in vivo trials.

Why Mispro

Flexible space to fit your needs
  • Procedure rooms (private/shared)
  • Holding rooms (private/shared)
  • Necropsy and Quarantine rooms
  • In-room Class II biosafety cabinets (BSCs)
  • State-of-the-art IVC caging racks
  • AAALAC-accredited vivarium facilities
  • 24/7 year-round key-card access
Vivarium services for your research
  • Vivarium management
  • Veterinary care & oversight
  • Animal husbandry
  • Staffing, maintenance & sanitization
  • In vivo technical services support & training
  • IACUC oversight and protocol assistance
Amenities and technology
  • Fully-equipped conference room
  • Cyber Cafe kitchen and break area
  • Easy access from public transport, highways, or walking
  • Leading instrument and technology such as Transnetyx and Somark