Accelerate Your Preclinical Discovery with Mispro

Accelerate Your Preclinical Discovery

Accelerate Your Preclinical Discovery with Mispro

Accelerate Your Preclinical Discovery with Mispro

Are you in need of a stable and efficient animal research facility for your preclinical studies? Mispro offers a network of full-service turnkey contract vivarium lab facilities in all major U.S. biotech hubs where scientists can conduct and control their own preclinical rodent studies.

In Mispro’s space plus services research environments, biosciences companies of all sizes and therapeutic indications can accelerate study timelines while collecting robust and reproducible data.

Advantages of choosing Mispro's Contract Vivarium:

  • State-of-the-art facilities: Mispro’s AAALAC-accredited vivarium facilities offer fully equipped animal housing and procedure rooms where you can conduct and control your own preclinical in vivo rodent studies.
  • Animal Care & Compliance: Mispro supports all of our clients with comprehensive animal care and compliance oversight services including animal husbandry, veterinary, and IACUC. Our highly trained staff is dedicated to ensuring the health and welfare of the animals in our care, so you can have confidence in the results of your research.  
  • Flexible options with all-inclusive pricing: Whether you’re a startup in need of a couple cages and a shared procedure room, or a mature biopharma requiring a large private suite, Mispro has options to fit your needs and budget.

Don't let the logistics of animal research slow down your preclinical discovery. Trust Mispro to provide the expert services and highly efficient vivarium lab facilities you need to advance your research. Fill out the form to learn more from our team.

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