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5 Reasons a Contract Vivarium Service is a Smart Choice for your In Vivo Trials

Mispro Biotech
October 19, 2021

You’re ready to launch preclinical in vivo studies— now what? Time to figure out how, where, and when you’ll get those studies going. Consider these five points when choosing your full-service vivarium rental space:

1. Time is Money

Your research organization just received funding and now you’re planning for your preclinical in vivo-stage studies. Congratulations! You’re excited to make your discoveries and want the competitive advantage of being first, so you’re not going to want to wait.

But building a new, state-of-the-art facility for animal studies takes time and capital, two precious resources most biotech companies would rather put towards research.

A full-service contract vivarium allows you to launch quickly and scale efficiently.

Mispro Biotech Services AAALAC-accredited facilities are located in all the major biotech hubs offering biopharma companies of all sizes access to high-quality, turnkey facilities that are ready for your scientists.

Our industry-leading research environments focus on quality, compliance, and consistency, which contributes to more accurate data and faster results.

Increased reproducibility and decreased risk give you more power to drive your preclinical studies.

2. Confidentiality is Key

Keep your studies confidential by choosing a contract vivarium that guarantees confidentiality. Mispro offers private animal housing and procedure rooms, and locked storage spaces for clients at all our facilities.

No sensitive information is displayed, and your science stays secure.

Move your research forward with peace of mind, knowing that confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us.

3. There’s No Substitute for Expert Support

You own your science, so it’s important you have the full range of support you need to ensure your success.

Mispro offers training and assistance for basic biomethodology, surgical procedure support, and breeding colony management for preclinical in vivo rodent studies. Our core vivarium services include veterinary supervision, animal husbandry, and regulatory compliance oversight that is required and essential for in vivo studies.

At Mispro, you have access to state-of-the-art equipment and exceptional support. There’s no limit to where your studies can take you.

Mispro outperforms contract research organizations (CROs). A recent Mispro client saw a 6x increase in study volume, 50% reduction in costs, and 70% reduction in failure rates thanks to our stable in vivo research environments and expert vivarium services.

4. Efficiency: All Your Preclinical Needs in One Place

Private lab and animal holding space to conduct your research, gold-standard laboratory animal care, and expert compliance oversight are all included in Mispro’s vivarium research facilities.

Having everything you need in one place at your contract vivarium means you’ll spend more time focusing on science and less time managing infrastructure.

Mispro provides a complete package, giving you the stable research environments and expert services that result in good science.

5. Above All, Ethics Matter

Not all contract vivarium organizations offer an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) guarantee, which ensures the ethical and humane use of research animals in studies.

Mispro’s IACUC reviews and approves study protocols to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines as well as to leverage the committee’s experts in the most effective use of research models in preclinical studies.

Additionally, all Mispro facilities are backed by AAALAC-accreditation, so all facilities are in full compliance with federal, state, and local animal welfare regulations.

We believe it’s a privilege to work with animal models; they must be treated responsibly and with respect.

The better the animals are treated, the more accurate the data is, and the better your science will be.

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