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Attract Tenants with a Mispro Contract Vivarium

Mispro is the most trusted CVO in the industry
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Attract Tenants with a Mispro Contract Vivarium

To achieve a competitive edge in the life sciences real estate market, consider the benefits of having a Mispro full-service contract vivarium facility at your location.

Here are just a few reasons to have a Mispro CV at your bio address:

Winning Destination

Tenants are asking landlords and brokers, “where’s the vivarium?”

In Vitro Scales to In Vivo

If there is in vitro lab space at your location or nearby, companies will also need in vivo lab space

Manage Risk

Mispro is a stable, experienced, and nimble organization, requiring only small footprints and systems infrastructure standard for life sciences buildings

Retain High-Value Tenants

Companies who hit their research milestones will grow and require more space

Mispro is the most trusted CVO in the industry. Learn more about how a CV can attract and retain tenants at your life sciences development

Take the first step

Take the First Step

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Why Mispro?

Expert animal care & compliance oversight

Mispro is an AAALAC-accredited organization committed to providing best-in-class laboratory animal services and regulatory compliance oversight for your preclinical research. To ensure safety and compliance at all times in our research facilities, we require that every study conducted in our vivarium facilities is approved by our in-house Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).  Mispro strictly follows regulatory guidelines for the ethical and humane treatment of research animals.

Advancing preclinical development in key life science hubs

Our state-of-the-art research environments focus on quality, compliance, and consistency, leading to more accurate data and faster results. Take the first step in de-risking your preclinical studies.

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