Elevate Your Preclinical Research

Elevate Your Preclinical Research with Mispro

Are you a small to mid-sized biotech, a translational scientist, or a visionary researcher seeking a turnkey vivarium for your preclinical studies? Look no further. Mispro stands as the premier contract vivarium facility, strategically situated in every major biotech hub.  

At Mispro, we understand the pivotal role preclinical rodent studies play in shaping groundbreaking scientific discoveries. That's why we've meticulously designed our facilities and services to be the perfect launchpad for your early in vivo R&D, offering stable, state-of-the-art environments that foster innovation and success.

Don't let logistical hurdles impede your groundbreaking discoveries. Mispro’s turnkey vivarium rental labs offer the following:

  • Private & shared fully equipped rodent holding rooms
  • Private & shared fully equipped procedure rooms
  • Private suites with fully equipped animal holding & procedure rooms
  • 365-day animal husbandry, health status & veterinary oversight services
  • Regulatory compliance oversight including OLAW/PHS and IACUC
  • You conduct & control your own studies, we take care of the rest

Whether your company is pioneering a new drug, is on the forefront of gene therapy, or has a team of scientists pursuing translational or platform discoveries, Mispro is an optimal environment for your non-GLP in vivo drug development research where you can focus on your science, while we take care of the rest.  

Care at our core. Science at our center.

Take the first step towards unparalleled research excellence.

Let Mispro be the catalyst for your scientific breakthroughs.