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Mispro to Open Contract Vivarium in Boston’s Seaport

Mispro Biotech
November 29, 2022

Boston, MA November 29, 2022

Mispro Biotech Services, a contract vivarium organization (CVO) with three locations in the metro Boston area, will open a fourth location in Boston’s Seaport district in early Summer 2023.

Mispro’s Seaport location will offer 10k sq ft of state-of-the-art vivarium research space where biosciences companies of all sizes and therapeutic indications can conduct preclinical in vivo drug development studies with the support of Mispro’s husbandry, technical, and regulatory compliance oversight services.  

Mispro’s contract vivarium (CV) facilities offer a choice of private or shared room configurations, all fully equipped and research ready for preclinical rodent studies. Private suites are also available, giving companies the flexibility to customize their in vivo lab space as well as accommodate larger teams.

“Biotech and pharma are ubiquitous in the Seaport district, with an influx of new companies moving in daily”, said Mispro CEO Philippe Lamarre. “Our expansion into the Seaport aligns with a key strategy of Mispro’s business model, which is that of proximity and accessibility. We’re thrilled to be the first contract vivarium in the Seaport, our location just minutes from dozens of startups, mid-sized Biotechs, and established pharma companies who need vivarium research space”.

Along with access to turnkey vivarium space and services, Mispro’s Seaport location will offer sweeping views of Boston’s harbor and skyline, and access to the abundance of nearby amenities the bustling Seaport area offers. “As we grow our network in the Boston area to serve the many life sciences sub-clusters that are in development all over the city and suburbs, we’re choosing locations and buildings that offer our clients modern, light filled spaces where they are inspired to work and collaborate,” adds Lamarre.

Mispro is currently accepting clients for its Seaport contract vivarium location which is scheduled to open in early Summer 2023.

About Mispro Biotech Services

Mispro Biotech Services is a contract vivarium organization (CVO) that operates a network of full-service preclinical vivarium facilities where emerging and established biosciences companies can conduct and control their own preclinical in vivo rodent studies. Along with offering access to state-of-the-art vivarium research space, Mispro supports its clients with comprehensive laboratory animal research services including husbandry, veterinary, technical, and regulatory compliance oversight. Mispro has locations in all major U.S. biotech hubs.

Mispro Biotech