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Mispro Expands Technical Services in Vivarium Network

John Fogarty
February 24, 2021

Expanded Services lowers the barrier-to-entry for drug development

Press Release February 24, 2021

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.--Mispro Biotech Services, a CVO (Contract Vivarium Organization) with locations in all major U.S. biotech clusters, today announced the expansion of Technical Services to their core preclinical research services.

Mispro Tech Services offers high quality and readily available technical skills support to biopharma companies who are ready to launch in vivo program research or are in the process of developing their own internal capabilities. Services will include both training and assistance for basic biomethodology, surgical procedure support, and breeding colony management for in vivo studies. Mispro's core preclinical services for clients in their vivarium network include veterinary care, animal husbandry, and regulatory compliance oversight.

The expansion of Technical Services to Mispro's offer will better serve early-stage biopharma companies who may not have the internal capabilities to manage certain elements of in vivo research, enabling them to keep preclinical studies in-house.

“Mispro offers start-up and next-gen biotechs a significantly de-risked, high-potential strategy for drug development and scientific discovery by giving them access to the facilities and infrastructure required to conduct in vivo studies themselves," said Mispro CEO, Philippe Lamarre. "The expansion of Technical Services across our network of facilities further supports our ability to assist early-stage biotechs who may be running on lean teams or just need support in a couple areas to be able to run their own studies.”

“Mispro's vivarium facility is a great resource for South San Francisco’s life sciences community and expanding their offering to include Technical Services is another example of Mispro's commitment to serving scientific innovators in our community. Companies are turning to contract vivarium services to help them manage their preclinical research in a cost-efficient way," said Michelle Nemits, Bay Area Executive Director of Biocom California.

Mispro Tech Services are currently available at Mispro’s South San Francisco location and will be rolled out to Mispro's full vivarium network in 2021.

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